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This deviation was deleted

This is beautiful. I don't even know where to start.

Coloring- Beautiful //shot// No, but really. The soft, smooth colors create such a wonderful, solemn and bittersweet tone. The Deer (as i am assuming) ,to some people, could be the less noticeable part of this piece, but honestly. It was first. The glow of the antlers and the light grays and blues mixed perfectly and made a beautiful and intricate mist of a person I absolutely had to study first. The (Cat? Dog? Whatever cute creature is one the right) has stronger, darker colors that make the bitter part of the picture. The acidic green is a polar opposite to the soft, baby blue it neighbors. Same with the white and dark gray- but that's obvious. Opposites, in my opinion, cause conflict within themselves when they grow together by the pure fact that they wont connect in an important way that could make or break a relationship. //continues ranting on relationships// Bu the coloring is amazing and full of feeling and background that if you really study all about it- spells out a beautifully (maybe even accidentally) written story.

Shapes(anatomy)- The anatomy isn't perfect- which is what I love so much about this. I know I know that DUH, it isn't because there are no facing and blah blah blah blah- but can I point out the reason I believe why? It's so dream-like. When you dream, do you ever actually see a person's face or wake up remembering it? You may remember everything else- but the face always seems to be blurred. It makes the soft colors make even more sense (dreaaaammmyyy).

"If I Could..."- Three words and they spawn the most ABSOLUTELY BITTERSWEET DREAM-LIKE MOOD EVER. I couldn't ask for a better icing on a cake. "If I could..." It's like ... Well... If I could. Yearning, wanting, maybe even missing something and it completes the dreamy mood like the last piece in the puzzle. People often dream of things they could have done or could do but never do or don't believe they can do and those three letters say that whole phrase and yet say only three things. "If I could tell you the truth... If I could show you my heart... If I could help you understand..." It just... Works. It works, alright?

Things I don't like- And that's one. Small. Stupid. Nit-picky thing. The shading on the skin. That's it. It's a bit darker for me and draws a bit of attention, which it doesn't need since it clearly isn't a large part of the picture. A softer, lighter color that was blurred into the base color would have been perfect but honestly- that's nit picky. Im being nit-picky. It's the only semi-issue I see.

All together, beautiful work and beautiful emotion. A true piece of art.
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